The BitFenix BPA power supply series provides the perfect balance between efficiency and performance. The BPA Series is a stable and efficient power source with an economical power demand, while providing the compatibility and reliability BitFenix is known and trusted for. The line-up includes two variants of 400W-600W power supplies with the standard BPA Series supporting 230V and the BPA U Series supporting 100-240V.

High Efficiency

The BPA U Series supporting 100-240V with its 80Plus certification guarantees a typical efficiency of 83% during normal use at 115Vac. The Standard BPA Series supporting 230V meets the 80Plus-EU starndard, guaranteeing a typical efficiency of at least 85% during normal use.

Continuous Power

With an Active Power Factor of 0.99 a stable and continuous power output is assured, protecting the components from uneven power delivery and providing the wattage as rated on each model of the BPA Series.

Low Noise

The 120mm silent fan is controlled by BitFenix smart thermal management circuit, optimizing the fan curve and only spinningat maximum speed when the power supply is running at full load.

Cable Rounting

The black powder-coated enclosure and the long black-sleeved cables givs any system a polished look. The BPA enables clean and sleek looking cable management, even in entry- to mid-level systems.

High Compatibility & Reliability

The BPA Series offers a reliable power solution for office and home systems with a power demand up to 600W. The series is compatible with the latest Intel & AMD Chipsets and supports both, the latest Nvidie and AMD graphics cards. The BPA series PSU is a great choice if you are building a office or home system with lower power requests, but you still request thecompatibility and reliability. The BPA series PSU is not only complies with Iatest Intel & AMD CPU but also supports Nividia & AMD graphic cards.

ErP 2013 Lot 6 Compliant

The standard BPA Series for 230V is designed according to the latest enviromental regulations andstandards, meeting the ErP 2013 madates. The Standard BPA Series consumes less than 0.5 Watt during system standby mode, which not only reduces strain on the enviroment but also on the energy bill.