PCIe Gen 5.0 Support for NV 40+ Series GPUs. (BGA850W, BGA750W)

Please use the correct cable according to the requirements of the graphics card wattage, and must be correctly installed on the graphics card interface.

ATX 3.0 Support

BGA850W | BGA750W

Full-bridge Resonant Converter Design Offer Highly Efficient and Low Noise Output Cost Effectively

Due to the unique design, the Full-Bridge Resonant Converters can optimally utilize even 100V input to efficiently output high power levels at very low voltage and current ripple. They can operate extremely efficiently in high load scenarios. This leads to a budget friendly, efficient, high power PSUs with high reliability and component life at the cost of slightly lower efficiency at low load levels.

The PCIe Gen 5 12+4Pin Modular Cable

The PCIe Gen 5 12+4Pin modular cable allows the power supply to support PCIe Gen 5 advanced graphics cards.
This cable conforms with the UL specifications for 16AWG – UL 1007 cable standard offering excellent conductivity and heat resistance. The terminals of the connectors are made of a high-quality copper alloy, which can carry a current of up to 9.2A per pin with minimum resistance resulting in excellent conductivity.

Our connectors are adopting the 4 Spring design as suggested by Intel. According to Intel, the advantage of the 4 SRPING design is that it is more reliable, durable, and it can provide a more secure connection compared to the traditional design.

Tested under the most rigorous conditions, the BitFenix BGA750W & BGA850W has passed all the PCIe Gen 5 standards with flying colors. They support up to 2x power excursions for a duration of over 100µs guaranteeing  stable power outputs for even the latest top tier graphic cards. The 12VHPWR connector is also tested for reliability and low resistance to offer peace of mind.


The 87+ high efficiency circuit guarantees both energy and money savings for the end user with the added benefits of 80% less heat output and stable power output. This translates to over 30% less power consumption in comparison to standard PSUs.
*87+ ( 0% to 100% load)/ 90+ (40% to 70% load)
100-240V Full range design offer worldwide compatibility, and with high efficiency LLC, Active PFC, DC to DC circuits not only benefits you but also planet Earth with higher energy savings.

PSU Thermal Solution

The compact design of the BGA750W and BGA850W is complemented by a high CFM, high speed 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan optimized for low fan-noise.A custom tuned fan curve allows these PSUs to operate at optimum levels throughout varying workloads.
With only 32dBA at a speed of 2000rpm and only 18dBA at typical loads(60%), this low noise fan keep the components optimally cooled at 25°C even under full gaming loads without overheating.