• Compatible with All 40xx series GPUs:  Length Support Up To 410mm (16.14 Inch)
  • Dual 360mm Radiator Support Both Top and Front
  • Air Cooler Height Support 180mm (7.09 Inch)
  • E-ATX Motherboard Support Up To 272mm (10.71 Inch)
  • USB Type C Port at Front I/O
  • 3 PCIE Slots for Vertical GPU Support Up to 70mm (2.75 Inch) Thickness
  • Steel Iron Front With BitFenix High Density Dust Filter Creating Focus Air Flow & Purifying Air
  • 3 x 140mm All Black Fans Pre-installed at Front for Strong Air Flow + 1 x 120mm ARGB (3pin 5V) Fan Pre-installed at Rear with Built in ARGB LED /PWM System Controller
  • Screw-free Tempered Glass Panel with Easy Handle
  • Dust Free Design with Dust Filters at Front, Top and Bottom
Tracery – The Mosaic Of Styles

Inherit the aesthetics from the renaissance, BitFenix Tracery carries the mosaic of passion, prosperity, and mystery with the dazzling light shining through diversified materials.

Designed with  the codes of classic aesthetics, Tracery also develops the capabilities for the latest PC gaming compatibilities uncontroversially.

The dual 360mm AIO support and outstanding thermal performance back you up while you arm your rig with the latest GPUs and CPUs.