Brand-new AIO pump: Derived from the widely trusted water pump by players, it has a lift of 1.8 M with a high efficiency of 5500RPM and only 15DB working noise.
Crystal Clear Water Block: The fully transparent water block design allows players to quickly understand whether the device is working properly.ARGB Silent Fan with 0DB Mode: The custom-designed fan for the Heightened heat sink has a wind pressure of 3.0MM-H2O, so that the high-end CPU can also maintain the correct temperature.

Central Inlet Design with Optimized 0.2mm Micro-Channel Structure

Bitfenix Cube AIO’s Block features a central inlet design with a jet plate equipped in the middle of the water block contacting the CPU heat source directly accelerating the extraction of heat. In addition, it has optimized 0.2mm micro-channels on the copper plate, providing flawless distribution of coolant with superior heat transfer and durability


In order to match the latest top-level CPUs, we have developed a brand new pump based on the popular pump architecture. It has the ultimate specifications of 5500RPM and vertical lift of up to 1.8m, while operating at only 15db.

Radiator features
25% higher cooling fin height While maintaining standard radiator thickness

High Density Radiator: The BitFenix Cube AIO sports a high density radiator with a FPI: of 20 which are connects to 12 tubes for better heat dissipation.Heightened Radiator Fins: Heat dissipation fins raised from 16mm to 20mm increases the cooling efficiency while maintaining the same dimensions.

The average temperature of using thick radiator get 3 °C lower than the thin one.

The max temperature of using thick radiator get 5 °C lower than the thin one.

Water Block & RADIATOR
Copper Base
CUBE AIO features a copper base with mirror-finished anti-corrosive nickel plating.

The specialized plating technique of the copper base accelerates heat dissipation and extends the product’s durability.

Our products are quipped with BITFENIX TF10 EXTREME thermal paste
Newly Designed High Pressure Fan

Newly designed high pressure fan together with the specially designed radiator, BitFenix also launched a brand new fan design.This newly designed seven-leaf fan has a CFM and DB that are not inferior to anyone, and the wind pressure generated outside is as high as 3.0MM-H2O. The high-pressure fan is used to penetrate the radiator with high-density and heightened heat dissipation fins. With the no noise design in 0DB mode, the whole AIO system can better meet the low noise level needs of the user.