With the Alchemy 3 x 8PCIe Aluminum Comb Extension Cable Kit, we are bringing the best available sleeved cable extension to the market with support for even higher performance components. The Cable Kit contains extension cables for the motherboard, the CPU, 2x 8 pin VGA power cable and a 6+2 pin VGA power cable, thus enabling clean and organized cable management. The sleeved extension cables feature a premium ultra-dense weave and are available in black and white with matching aluminum cables combs in black and silver respectively.

RTX 3090 & 6900XT Ready

8PCIe / 6+2PCIe / 6PCIe Aluminum Comb Extension Cable to deliver sufficient power to any graphics card, even the latest NVIDIA RTX 3090 or AMD Radeon 6900XT. These are manufactured with High Current Alloy Terminals on both ends to facilitate the high power draw of the latest graphics cards without heating up or melting keeping your components safe

Fine Aluminum Combs

Precision machined aluminum cable combs can neatly arrange the cables to setup a clean and sleek system. The use of high quality aluminum provides more stability to the cable compared to other materials and perfectly designed to fit the Alchemy cables. The diamond cut edges protects both your fingers and the cables from getting scratched up during installation while also making it easy to adjust the location of the cable comb.

The BitFenix Alchemy 3 x 8PCIe Aluminum Comb Extension Cable Kit is available in either black or white paired with matching black anodized aluminum cable combs and silver aluminum cable combs respectively.

Pure copper up to 18AWG

Pure copper strand cables with a thickness of up to 18AWG are used for the extension cables to reduce the resistance while increasing the efficiency. An enhanced sleeving technology allows for thicker copper strands while maintaining the smaller overall diameter for the cable.

Heatshrink-less Ultra-Dense Sleeving

A heatshrink-less sleeving process provides the premium quality of the Alchemy 3 x 8PCIe Aluminum Comb Extension Cable Kit, assuring best quality sleeving and avoiding accidentally pulling off the sleeves.

Alchemy 3 x 8PCIe Aluminum Comb Extension Cable Kit, features an ultra-dense sleeving through a unique weave to permanently and tightly bind the sleeve to the cable. Extremely flexible cables are used to extend the lifetime and durability of the cables to support cable management even on tight corners and areas of the case.

Precision Molded Connectors

All connectors of the Alchemy 3 x 8PCIe Aluminum Comb Extension Cable Kit are precision crafted to comply with all power supply units. This makes them practically compatible with any power supply in the market and assures that the Alchemy 3 x 8PCIe Aluminum Comb Extension Cable Kit is always the right choice.

Product Highlights

High Current Alloy Terminal

To provide the best connection on the terminal and minimize the efficiency drop from modular connection.

8 Pin / 6+2 Pin PCI-E cable up to 18AWG

Using thicker cable to maintain PSU efficiency and have the best output satiability.

Pure Copper Stranded Cable

To provide low resistance ratio on all cable.

Precision Machined Aluminum Cable Combs

Provides convenient cable management with stunning looks and strength for a premium system configuration.

Product Overview