See-through crystal clear acrylics by laser carving, shining with magnificent addressable RGB illumination, Alchemy 3.0 ARGB GPU Bracket provides strong strength to support all sizes of  graphics cards up to 7.5 Kg and height of 80-120 mm

The 18 mounting holes enables the flexibilities to fit all sizes of graphics cards.

3 sizes of extension holders included, 45mm, 80mm and 120mm, for you to customize the best strength you would like to have to hold your graphics card.

Note: Please make sure there are at least 3 PCI slots free under the graphics card to be able to install the GPU bracket

A. ​Main Holder
B. Short Extension Holder(45mm)
C. Midium Extension Holder(80mm)
D.​ Long Extension Holder(120mm)

Daisy chained and synchronized with all Alchemy 3.0 ARGB LED strips and Spectre ARGB fans


How to install the Extension Holder From Front

How to install the Extension Holder From Front