“They appear to be targeting main stream PC users with the Formula Gold series, shooting for the right balance of solid performance, quiet operation, and a low price”
PCPerspective – September 04, 2018

“Good finishes and design, 80 PLUS Gold Certification, Silent, Flat cables”

Noticias3D – July 08, 2018

“The BitFenix BF450G is a very good power supply, no doubt about that.”

TomsHardware – June 26, 2018

“The Formula Gold is made with very high-quality parts and, true to their word, BitFenix is sourcing all capacitors from Japanese manufacturers.”

Anandtech – June 13, 2018

“Efficiency to 80Plus Gold

Consistently very low volume

FDB fan

Full power at 50 ° C

Excellent protection circuits

Convincing electr. readings

Only 140 mm deep

5 years warranty”

ComputerBase – February 06, 2018

“The BF650G offers silent operation along with great performance and it has an affordable price tag. The cherry on top is its super compact dimensions.”

TomsHardware – February 02, 2018

“Without hesitation, we can make a recommendation for the power supply.”

GameZoom – January 02, 2018

“The 650-watt Formula Gold 650W was able to convince us in our test not only by a good workmanship, but also by the performance.”

MOD-Your-Case – December 08, 2017

“The regulation of the + 12V lines is sensational, Really competitive price, Very precise and stable voltages.”

ElChapuzasInformatico – November 30, 2017

“This unit brings with it a heck of a lot of performance for the money. Unless you really want modular cables, this unit is a near unbeatable value”

JonnyGURU – November 20, 2017

“Overall, Bitfenix now delivers the second great performance PSU with the Formula Gold after the Whisper M. The power supply does not really allow for any real weaknesses, delivers really good overall results and is also extremely quiet.”

TweakPC.de – November 02, 2017

“This is a great power supply at a very competitive price point and should be right at the top of your shortlist.”

KitGuru – November 02, 2017

“In short, if you do want to get one of the quietest 750 W PSUs around and cannot spend over $100, the BF750F looks to be an ideal choice.”

TechPowerUP – November 02, 2017

“The Bitfenix Formula Gold 750W series is a rock-solid source with TOP performance. Bitfenix has created a product with a spectacular quality / price ratio”

RealHardtechX – November 02, 2017