“I have enjoyed my time with the BitFenix Phenom MITX, it’s a smart little cube styled Small Form Factor case, that appears small on the outside, yet is big on the inside and the cooling performance is impressive”

PCGameWare – February 26, 2015

“We like the look, we like the solid feel that the extra heavy doors deliver, and, of course, we have been a fan of this interior since we first saw the Prodigy.”

TweakTown – September 12, 2014

“There is not too much for us to say, we love it.”

HardwareSlave – September 04, 2014

“It’s nice and simple on the outside and the inside layout is spacious.”

ThePCEnthusiast – August 08, 2014

“BitFenix offers the most competitive premium ITX chassis in the market right now”

Back2Gaming – June 12, 2014


PCWizKids Tech Talk – May 28, 2014

“As usual, Bitfenix rolled out a very good product.”

OCaholic – May 19, 2014


PCWizKids Tech Talk – May 17, 2014

“With the Phenom BitFenix now offers a discreet alternative and thus opens up once more clientele”

TweakPC – April 23, 2014

“Small form factor build you care to name the Phenom is a very good option”

RealHardwareReviews – April 17, 2014

“This is fantastic case with an excellent pedigree! – Gold Award!”

Andrewsreviews – February 18, 2014

“Whether you want a NAS or watercooled gaming rig, this case wont let you down!”

SyndromeOC – February 17, 2014

“There are cheaper cube cases on the market, but none even come close to the features, value and quality of the Phenom”

OC3D – November 08, 2013