Inspired by the light sabers, the BitFenix Saber is designed to be sharp and edgy while maintaining simple and elegant lines. These design elements can be seen from the smallest details like the vertically Brushed Aluminum front finish to the simple and elegant vertical RGB lighting bar in the front.

The new Saber offers extensive support for the newest components and cooling solutions while bringing you a breath of fresh air with an elegant yet edgy design. The tempered glass side panel offers an open view to the system while numerous new features help keeps the components well cooled while keeping the dust away.

Elegant Aluminum Brushed Design

Modern like a lightsaber yet simple light a katana, The BitFenix Saber is a merge of futuristic concepts and traditional simplicity. The design of the chassis revolves around these two key points while creating a well ventilated and strategically engineered chassis that is elegant and breathtaking to use. The user friendly features of the design makes building your own system a breeze.

Tempered Glass Side Panel With Vertical GPU Support

The 4mm high quality tempered glass panel offers a great view into the system while the purposefully designed interior layout help keep the system clean and organized.

The Saber is also equipped to be able to hold GPUs not only horizontally but also vertically to maximize the looks of the system and to improve airflow.

The Saber provides plenty of space for graphics cards with a length up to 400mm.

Wireless Front Panel RGB

BitFenix Sabers is designed with the user in mind. Multiple design features enables easy system installation and day to day use. The front panel of the Saber comes with a wireless design to power and control the RGB strips so that extra wires doesn’t get in the way of the usage.

Thumbscrew installation design, magnetic top cover and easy installation HDD cage also improve the overall usage of the Saber.

Clean Interior With 23mm Cable Management Space Behind Motherboard Tray

The BitFenix Saber comes with a PSU shroud hiding the PSU and up to two HDDs beneath it, while 4 SSDs can be attached to the back of the motherboard tray, showing only the motherboard, graphics cards and the cooling solution through the tempered glass panel. The 23mm cable management space behind motherboard tray makes it an easy job to manage the cables clean.

High Performance Spectre Fans Included

The Bitfenix Saber comes preinstalled with 2x BitFenix Spectre fans for a more efficient cooling performance.

The Included RGB fan at the rear is RGB center illuminated and can support multiple control standards like ASUS AURA SYNC, MSI MISTIC LIGHT SYNC, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 and ASRock POLYCHROME RGB. This allows you to control the fan lighting simply through software and synchronize the fans, and other devices such as mice and keyboard for more attractive lighting. You can also pair this up with other Bitfenix RGB fans or light strips to amplify the looks of your system. 

Enhanced Addressable RGB Illumination

The BitFenix Saber premieres BitFenix new RGB illumination. The addressable RGB lighting allows multiple LED colors in one zone instead of one static color at a time.

It is powered by a built in controller (compatible to both, BitFenix Alchemy 2.0, static, and BitFenix 3.0, addressable, RGB products ) offering single colors to match different system builds, but also featuring different rainbow modes.

Thermal Capability

BitFenix Saber offers great airflow for even the highest performance component with a variety of support for cooling from high performance air coolers up to liquid cooling and even custom water cooling loops. With the dual chamber design, the components are separated for best airflow and cooling performance. Depending on your configuration and the user preference, you can either use the top magnetic cover to keep the dust away and make system even quieter.

It is design to support up to 360mm radiator in the front or 3x 120mm fans,

2x120mm fans or 2x140mm fans at the top

and 120mm fan or radiator at the rear.

Easy Clean With Removable Dust Filters

The brand-new design of the BitFenix Saber offers  an innovative dust removal solution. The dust filters of the front panel is integrated in to the front plastic cover that seamlessly merges for a refined look. When needed these can be easily removed without moving the system at all. This new design offers plenty of airflow for the system while keeping the dust away from mission critical components. A top dust filter is also included which can be attached easily due to the magnetic design and can be easily replaced with a solid version for a more quiet and elegant look.