Special Edition of Nova Mesh TG, inheriting the core values of Nova Mesh TG

NOVA MESH SE TG presents not only BitFenix’s long standing aesthetics theme of simple elegance, but also the dedication towards offering a well-rounded PC chassis for budget builds. The core of the NOVA MESH SE TG is its clean mesh design with 4 x 120mm ARGB (3 pin 5V) fans pre-installed and lighting can be easily controlled by the built in advanced 6+6 ARGB controller. It is well balanced between a perfectly organized interior structure and a sleek exterior design complemented with see-through tempered glass side panel. Its design boasts of multiple features that enhance the ease of installation and use such as the user friendly installation and removable high-density mesh dust filter and dual chamber design.

Magnificent ARGB illumination Shining Through Fine Mesh 4 x ARGB (3pin 5V) Fans Pre-Installed

This Special Edition comes with 4 x ARGB (3pin 5V) Fans Pre-Installed.The magnificent ARGB illumination shining through the fine mesh front and the see-through tempered glass side panel offers a great balance in performance and looks in its class

High Density Mesh With Dual Protection As Air Purifier Easy Clean With Removable Dust Filters

Nova Mesh SE TG is designed to offer reliable performance for years to come. By filtering out dust particle which reduces system lifespan, systems built with Nova Mesh SE TG can boast of dust free operation. The improved air intake mesh on the front comes with an embedded nylon filter that prevents dust from entering the system while the filter at the bottom keeps PSU free from dust. The top exhaust is also equipped with a nylon filter to ensure versatility. All these filters can be easily removed for a faster cleaning job.

Clean Interior With 32.5mm Cable Management Space

The NOVA MESH TG SE comes with a PSU shroud that hides the PSU with the support to mount ATX size PSUs of up to 200mm (190mm PSUs recommended), meaning that a clean looking system can be built to show only the motherboard, graphics cards and the cooling solution through the tempered glass panel. The 32.5mm cable management with multiple cable tie spots space behind motherboard tray makes it an easy job to manage the cables clean. With the drive-trays out of the way, the NOVA MESH TG SE provides plenty of space for graphics cards with a length up to 315mm.

Modular Hard Drive Cage

The modular HDD cage in the BitFenix Nova Mesh TG SE can accommodate up to 2 HDDs beneath it( 1 HDD+ 1 SSD), while 2 more SSDs can be mounted at the PSU cover. This HDD cage can also be shifted closer to the PSU to give extra space for thicker radiators in liquid cooled builds or it can be easily removed if the space is required to mount a water pump.

Thermal Capability
* Please refer to Product Specifications for full compatibility

Optimized airflow is essential for good performance and extended lifetime of components. The BitFenix Nova Mesh SE TG offer the best airflow with support up to 360mm Radiator* in the front or 3x 120mm fans*. Combined with the top 240/280mm exhaust and the rear 120mm exhaust, it maintains a good balance of air intake and exhaust. Both these air vents comes with easily removable dust filter including the PSU air intake.

See-through-tinted 3mm Tempered Glass Hinge Side Panel

The BitFenix Nova Mesh SE TG comes with a high-quality tempered glass hinge side panel with a thickness of 3mm. The tempered glass panel is see-through-tinted, exhibiting the often RGB illuminated core components.

6+6 Controller (PWM System)

The Included ARGB fans and the lighting can be easily customized with the new 6+6 controller preinstalled in the chassis. With 60 different lighting mode presets available in the controller, you can be sure to find multiple modes that fits your aesthetics. The whole controller can be controlled with a single button on the chassis or alternatively can be connected to the motherboard for even more extensive control over the lighting.

If you prefer to control the fan lighting through software and synchronize the fans, and other devices such as motherboard / graphics card / mouse and keyboard for more attractive lighting, it supports multiple motherboard ARGB Control software such as, ASUS AURA SYNC, MSI MISTIC LIGHT SYNC, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 and ASRock POLYCHROME RGB.

The controller can power up to 80 LEDs on each of it’s 6 ARGB sockets and can be paired with other Bitfenix ARGB LED strips and ARGB fans.

This controller not only controls the lighting but can also power the fans with each socket having enough output to power up to 6 x 12v fans for a total of 36 fans.

  • Rated voltage of DC12V/DC5V
  • With 6 ARGB 3Pin 5V sockets, 6 12-volt fan sockets and an ARGB header connected to Motherboard
  • A single ARGB socket can power up to 80 LEDs
  • A single fan socket can power up to 6 12v fans
  • A total of 60 preset lighting modes
  • If you connect the controller to the Motherboard, long press the switch for the first time to enter the ‘Motherboard Follow Mode’ and long press the switch again until the fan lights flash white to disable ‘Motherboard Follow Mode’.
  • This controller compatible with Asus AURA SYNC, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 and Asrock Poloychrome SYNC
  • If you wish to switch off the LEDs lighting (without connect it to the Motherboard), long press the switch and the LED will flash white light then turn off the lighting.
  • Each Nova Mesh SE TG will include 4 Spectre SE Addressable RGB fans and the lighting can be easily customized with the new 6+6 controller preinstalled in the chassis.
  • This fan can also be controlled by motherboard software such as, ASUS AURA SYNC, MSI MISTIC LIGHT SYNC, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 and ASRock POLYCHROME RGB.
  • High density Mesh design
  • Dust filter at Front / Top / Bottom(PSU)
  • Tempered Glass Side Panel
  • 4 x 120mm Spectre SE Addressable RGB fans included(compatible with Asus AURA SYNC, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 and Asrock Poloychrome SYNC)
  • BitFenix 6+6 controller
    (compatible with Asus AURA SYNC, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte RGB Fusion 2.0 and Asrock Poloychrome SYNC)
  • Support VGA Length up to 315mm
  • Dual USB 3.0 ports at TOP
  • 2 x Modular HDD CAGE
  • Addressable RGB Illumination Surrounding The Metallic Front