“The BitFenix Enso Mesh is perhaps one of the most interesting boxes for those who seek a high cooling of the components, with a modern design in which there is no lack of RGB LED lighting and tempered glass.This detail makes it almost unique in a market where every day there are fewer boxes of this type, so that’s why it’s already a very model to consider.”

 – ElChapuzasInformatico 18/12/2018

Probably my favourite chassi right now, I really love it”

 -Tech By Matt 06/01/2019

“Enso mesh comes with a pletora of nice features, the front Mesh adds to the aestethics of the chassi helping also to keep it fresh and easy to clean”

 –GeekaWhat 29/12/2018

“Only 1 degree hotter compared to the Open Test Bench, is doing a very good job of making sure nothing overheats.Very easy to build in, the front Mesh implementation also looks really good”

 -Tech YES City 01/01/2019

English Version

“The aesthetics here is pretty cool, the front RGB makes a damn cool impression”

 -Nicolas11x12 Deutsch11/01/2019

German Version

“The aesthetics here is pretty cool, the front RGB makes a damn cool impression”

 -Nicolas11x12 Deutsch11/01/2019

“With the Enso Mesh, BitFenix ​​has launched its chic Midi-Tower Enso in a new version, which enables a particularly good ventilation and is thus ideally suited for the use of powerful hardware”


“The Enso Mesh is one of the best GPU cooling housings in the test field. Finally, it convinces visually with its successful RGB lighting system, the glass side part and the two-chamber construction”


Score 2,43

“Like the Enso, the Enso Mesh also combines a decent set-up, which is especially useful with the RGB LEDs in the front and the RGB control board, with overall good performance. Thus, the mesh version of Enso remains a price recommendation in the housing middle class”


“Enso Mesh features a lot of cool stuffs like Tempered Glass, RGB Controls, Easy Filtration system”


“Good ventilation and aesthetic appearance of the housing. For less than 90 €, the Enso Mesh is an interesting choice for who wants to have a nice computer with efficient cooling”


“The slightly redesigned mesh version of the Enso inherits the strengths of its predecessor. In plain language: For a fair 90 euros you get a good build quality, enough space and a chic RGB lighting (including controller). In addition, the new mesh front makes a positive impact in terms of cooling performance. We can safely give a recommendation for the BitFenix ​​Enso Mesh”


“The Enso Mesh is a well-made case, which offers a chic look through the viewing window and some lighting options.
If you are looking for a housing with LED lighting and a viewing window, you should have a close look at the Enso Mesh.”


“The Bitfenix Enso Mesh knows how to convince, the positive aspects, such as the very good airflow, the chic RGB lighting or the quiet fans, is why the Enso mesh can be recommended.”


“For this you get a case in a very interesting look, which stands out positively. Visually, the housing has a lot to offer with the well-designed lighting, and the all-round and easily removable dust filters allow easy maintenance.”


“I can definitely say I’m extremely happy that I’ve made the switch and I won’t be going back. I’ve now moved my case from the floor to my desk, as visually, it is really something to look at and be proud of. I love the way it looks, especially in white, it looks modern, clean and really draws attention to itself.

Would I recommend this case, absolutely. For the price, it’s a great deal, looks incredible and well built.”


“Installation was very easy with more than enough space at the rear for cable management, the most important thing for me with a case is airflow and GPU, CPU temps and this is where this case really knocked it out of the park for me. I would give the case 4.5/5 stars.”

Album with a few pics and a vid of the lovely rgb.  https://reurl.cc/2EQaO


“I asked my son for his opinion on the case as this was a replacement case for his ageing, broken old chassi and his response was a very teenage “cool, can I play fortnite now?” – so I take that as a good sign!

Lightweight/Looks nice/Front mesh very easy to remove/Good Airflow/
Good cable routing options/Tempered glass/RGB”


“Aesthetically very captivating, I really appreciated the easy removal process for the front panel, the temperature after the tests the temperature are so good you can compare them to an Open Bench, the Formula Gold is a very good PSU with a great price/performance ratio”

 –Prophecy tech18/02/2019

“For the first time I use BitFenix for the case, because I really liked the Enso Mesh RGB. It offers a good quality, a tempered glass side panel, a power supply cover, a mesh front for extra good airflow and of course integrated RGB lighting, which can also be controlled via the motherboard. In my opinion it’s definitely a chic piece.

The case looks especially cool from the front, as you can see the RGB fans through the mesh.

The temperatures and the volume are really reasonable.”