“Plenty of space inside, dust filters, beautiful tempered glass panel and convex right panel for optimal cable management”

TomsHardwareITA – March 08, 2018

“For a case at 49 € we get a nice aesthetic and a tempered glass, the layout of the case is pretty good”

JoVerclock – February 09, 2018

“This is probably one of the greatest looking computer that I’ve ever built, temperatures are also great aswell”

OzTalksHW – January 03, 2018

“This is a nice budget build”

CaitlinV3 – December 24, 2017

“Very clean case, building in it was a breeze, I had no problem at all working with it”

Nerd On A Budget – December 24, 2017


Nerd On A Budget – December 17, 2017

“Special for various reasons: very budget friendly and, my favourite, has tempered glass”

CaitlinV3 – December 09, 2017

“Honestly, I think this is a great product for the money.”

eTeknix – December 08, 2017

“One thing is for sure: those who are looking for an inexpensive but attractive case clearly should pay attention to this model.”

OCClub – November 24, 2017

“Easy to work with, stylish, it got my recommendation”

OzTalksHW – November 10, 2017


PhilsComputerLab – November 10, 2017

“Overall for the price Nova TG is money well spent”

Tech by Matt – October 08, 2017

“A case with the “Gaming Feel” for a budget oriented price”

LowSpecGamer – September 20, 2017

“Nice overall design, Large side panel window, Dust filter on PSU air intake, Very affordable”

Eteknix – December 04, 2015

“Stylish design, price, different model variants”

MOD-Your-Case – September 18, 2017

“In the end I can recommend the Nova TG to those on a budget that need a good looking chassis.”

Guru3D – September 13, 2017

“The BitFenix Nova TG is a very interesting alternative, allowing up to 300mm graphics card, 160mm heatsink and it include 2 fans”

ElChapuzasInformatico – September 05, 2017

“It is a really nice case, building in it was easy, solid option and the tempered glass looks very sleek”

TechYESCity – August 14, 2017


PCPartPicker – August 11, 2017

“Tempered glass side panel, Two 120 mm fans included, Plenty of room for large GPUs, Clean interior with some creative cable routing, Very good I/O engineering quality”

TechPowerUP – August 11, 2017

“Amazing value and sexy looking PC Case”

RandomFrankP – August 11, 2017

“For that price with Tempered Glass is pretty impressive”

Crit TV – August 11, 2017

“Buyers looking for superb style to house their entry-level hardware could find good value in the BitFenix Nova TG.”

TomsHardware – August 11, 2017