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With input from some of the world's most prolific case modders, BitFenix Alchemy Multisleeved Cables offer a premium ultra-dense weave and a unique multisleeved construction for an unparalleled look. These premium cables feature precision molded connectors, and come in a variety of colors and cable types, enabling modders to transform normal PCs into objects of wonderment.


Premium Ultra-Dense Weave
One look and it's easy to see why BitFenix Alchemy Multisleeved Cables are superior to the competition. They use a premium ultra-dense weave - several times denser than your typical sleeved cable. This level of quality means is that the cable underneath the sleeve is completely not visible, making Alchemy Multisleeved Cables the best available on the market.
Multi-Sleeved Construction
Alchemy Multisleeved Cables don't cut any corners. Each individual cable is wrapped in that luxurious premium ultra-dense weave sleeves, giving the entire cable a unique look.
Multiple Colors and Cable Types
Alchemy Multisleeved Cables come in a large variety of colors and cable types. No matter what creation you are picturing, Alchemy as the right cables to complete your vision.
High Quality Cable Assembly
Alchemy Multisleeved Cables are manufactured using the strictest manufacturing procedures and standards, ensuring that every cable not only looks great, but also performs as a cable should.
Precision Molded Connectors
All Alchemy Multisleeved Cable connectors are precision crafted to comply with connector size and shape standards. This means that completing your modding project with them is always headache-free.
Cable Types

TypeAvailable Lengths (cm)Available Colors
Fan cable extension30, 60, 90Black, White, Red, Blue, Orange, Silver, Green
Fan adapter cable (3 fans to one connector)60
Molex to 4 x SATA Power20
Molex to 3 fan adapter 12V20
Molex to 3 fan adapter 7V20
Molex to 3 fan adapter 5V20
Molex extension45
Intel ATX-4 pin extension45
Intel EPS 8-pin extension45
ATX 24-pin extension30
Internal USB connection30
SATA cable w/sleeve30
PWM fan extension30
Molex to SATA power extension45
6-pin video card extension45
8-pin video card extension45
Molex to 3 molex extension60
Audio extension45
2-pin chassis I/O (PWR/RST/HDD/Etc.)30