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The BitFenix Fury Power Supply Series delivers a trifecta of performance, reliability, and aesthetics like no other PSU before it. From the brushed aluminum accents and stamped BitFenix logos, to the metallic fan grill and powder coated exterior, Fury is the first PSU designed to not be hidden away, but shown off. The semi-modular design allows for better cable management, and the cables themselves are sleeved with Alchemy sleeving for a premium look. Beyond good looks, Fury delivers the performance and reliability demanded by today's modern hardware with 80Plus Gold certification, single-rail power delivery, and active power factor correction. Equipped with exclusive BitShield™ Six-Point Protection and a five-year warranty, users can count on Fury to power their systems day-in and day-out.


Nanosleeve™ Braided Cables
With an ultra-dense weave and superb flexibility, the Nanosleeve braiding found on our Alchemy cable extensions is the premier choice of the world's top modders. The cable that come with Fury are pre-sleeved with this exact sleeving - no more voiding your warranty and spending hours sleeving cables yourself. With Fury, you get that premium modded look straight out-of-the-box.
Signature BitFenix Styling
Who says a PSU needs to be hidden away? Featuring stamped BitFenix logos and aluminum ring accents, Fury is a power supply that enhances your system's internals. The powder-coat matte finish gives the entire unit a premium look, and with accents on both sides of the power supply, Fury is designed to look great no matter which way you install it.
80Plus Gold Certification
Electricity is a precious resource, and for PCs that are on 24/7, you want maximum efficiency to keep costs as low as possible. The Fury PSU Series is 80Plus Gold certified, ensuring up to 90% efficiency and maximum power savings.
Single-rail Design
PC components have different power requirements at different times. With single-rail power delivery, Fury ensures that your components get all the juice they need, when they need it.
Active Power Factor Correction
Electricity by nature cab be an unstable force, with peaks and valleys than can wreak havoc on a system if left unchecked. Fury counteracts this with Active Power Factor Correction, delivering clean, stable power for supremely stable operation.
Elite Components
A power supply is only as good as the components used to make it, which is why Fury is assembled with components of the highest quality. All Japanese capacitors ensure long life, while the 135mm FDB fan not only runs longer than typical ball bearing fans, but quieter as well.
BitShield™ Six-Point Protection
Great PCs deserve the greatest protection, which is why Fury is engineered for maximum reliability. BitShield safeguards your system from six potentially crippling power anomalies, including over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-power, over-temperature, and short circuit, protecting your gear and giving you peace of mind.
Five-Year Warranty
BitFenix stands behind each and every one of its products, and Fury is no different. Backed with a five-year limited warranty, users can install Fury power supplies with the utmost confidence.