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When on the road or at a LAN party, you need to know that your precious peripherals aren't going to be pilfered while you get up to go to the bathroom. Enter BitFenix S2™ - an innovative peripheral security and cable management device. Its patent-pending design takes your mouse, keyboard, and headset, and puts them on lockdown. Once installed with your preferred lock, only you can remove the peripheral from your chassis. S2 is highly compatible with a wide range of chassis, and best of all, it is extremely easy to install, which means less time fiddling around and more time enjoying your game.

Load and lock with S2 and keep your gear safe.


Peripheral Security and Cable Management in One
BitFenix S2™ takes your peripherals and secures them to your computer. Once installed with your own lock, S2 makes it impossible to remove your keyboard, mouse, or headset from the chassis. With S2, would-be thieves will have to think twice before messing with your gear.
Use the Lock You Want
Want a combination lock? No problem. Prefer a key lock? Go right ahead! S2 is compatible with most locks with shackles 6.5mm or less. With S2, the choice of lock is yours.
Highly Compatible
BitFenix S2 is easily installed on most PC enclosures which have a lock loop, so there's no need to worry if S2 is going to work for you. Ingeniously designed, BitFenix S2 is security for all.
Magnetic Fastener
S2 features a smart magnetic fastener, which prevents it from rattling around when you are on your way to the LAN party. It also makes it possible to use the S2 strictly as a cable management device by attaching it to a metal surface on your PC chassis.
Easy to Install
Forget reading a 50-page manual to install S2. This handy device is easily installed in a matter of minutes, which means you can spend more time gaming - not fiddling with cables.