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Created by popular demand, these front panel accessories are perfect way to achieve the look of your dreams. Prodigy Custom Front Panels come in both solid SofTouch™ and mesh versions so you choose enhanced cooling or a more streamlined look. Designed for easy installation in multiple colors to suit your style, Prodigy Custom Front Panels offers even more flexibility to design and customize your system.


Personalize Your Prodigy
Customize to your heart's content to match the interior components of your system with the front panel accessories. Available in multiple colors and perfectly crafted for Prodigy, you're sure to find a combination that works for your build.
SofTouch™ or Mesh Versions
Need more airflow? Go for one of the mesh versions. Prefer a sleeker look? Choose one of our SofTouch™ custom panels. Either way, your Prodigy is going to look great.
Easy to install
The custom front panels are painlessly easy to remove and replace with your favourite color. Simply pull on the tabs from inside the case and snap the new panel in place - no fuss, no muss. What could be easier?
Mesh versions
SKU NumberDescription
BFC-PRO-300-KRFXA-RPBlack Mesh, Red Frame
BFC-PRO-300-KOFXA-RPBlack Mesh, Orange Frame
BFC-PRO-300-KPFXA-RPBlack Mesh, Pink Frame
BFC-PRO-300-KSFXA-RPBlack Mesh, Silver Frame
SofTouch™ Versions
SKU NumberDescription
BFC-PRO-300-KRFNA-RPBlack SofTouch™ Front, Red Frame
BFC-PRO-300-KOFNA-RPBlack SofTouch™ Front, Orange Frame
BFC-PRO-300-KPFNA-RPBlack SofTouch™ Front, Pink Frame
BFC-PRO-300-WOFNA-RPWhite SofTouch™ Front, Orange Frame
BFC-PRO-300-WPFNA-RPWhite SofTouch™ Front, Pink Frame
BFC-PRO-300-WKFNA-RPWhite SofTouch™ Front, Black Frame
* logos sold separately