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Alchemy 2.0 Modular Cables
With input from some of the world’s most prolific case modders, BitFenix Alchemy Modular Multi-sleeved Cables offer a premium ultra-dense weave and a unique multi-sleeved construction for an unparalleled look. These premium cables feature precision molded connectors and come in a variety of colors and cable types, enabling modders to transform normal PCs into objects of wonderment.

Alchemy 2.0 Modular Cables are high performance sleeved cables Manufactured to premium quality.
Following features make Alchemy 2.0 Modular Cables Special,

-Use of High Current Alloy Terminals improves the connection and minimizes the efficiency drop in modular cables
-Use of Pure Copper cables with thicknesses up to 16AWG reduces the resistance while increasing the efficiency
-5 x 24 slot rubber cablecomb are included with every set (rubber cablecomb doesn't scratch sleeve like the plastic one)
-Alchemy quality of sleeve with high density and heatsrink-less sleeving process

The full Press Release can be found at: Cable 2.0/Alchemy 2.0 - Press