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Thread: Project "ATTERO"

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So with this build, I been running a few thoughts into what I would do... Well, I want to stray away from what others are doing in the sense of cut window here, water there, paint here and led strip there. Dont get me wrong nothing is wrong with them but I am different..

So with this out of the way Lets start with a few things That this build is going to have.....

Items and thoughts for the build:
water - oh hell yes. cpu, vga its going to be maddness
MDPC sleeve - black and red
Custom cut side panels back lit with some LEDS

Gigabyte 990fx mobo
AMD FX 8150
Patriot Ram
EVGA gtx 460 cards
and A Monster PSU
some other items to be filled in later.

Now for the case... well, you will have to wait and see what that is.....

YeaH, MDPC Sleeve.. So what colors?

Ohh black and red, nice.

Legion of Fans, awaiting my Orders

The hoards of Connectors prepping for battle

Putting them to work!!


That is one sexy ass picture!!!

Unleashing pure silent power

Fully modular, check!

THE hardware

And now for a few shots of some sleeving so far.

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05/07/12, 07:37:04 CEST

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Here is some work pics so far...

Well, i guess its tine to reveal what I got..

A baby and a few led light strips

Ohh yeah a Bitfenix case...But which one is it..... hmmm lets seee

Yes, A Bitfenix Shinobi XL... Windowed too.... I want to give a HUGE thank you to xbournex and Bitfenix for the amazing Hookup.

I just placed it in there for now too get an idea how the sleeved looked inside the case.

now on to some epic modding.
05/07/12, 07:40:55 CEST

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sneaky update

05/07/12, 07:41:38 CEST

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I been working on this for a few days now, and this is the progress I have so far.

So i gutted her, just a little bit, so I could begin working

Let the prep work begin.



So I sleeved the front panel, too

given the paint a warm bath before use

the rad

the grills
The top panel with the grills installed

Front panel

Now with Lights
05/07/12, 07:43:18 CEST

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05/07/12, 17:17:05 CEST

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Installed the fans on the 240 rad

Installed into the case now.

The mobo and block installed

now in the rig

putting the loop together

Full leak test

i got a little complacent a forgot to snap pics, of putting the 360 rad together, video cards and installing them.. More updates soon.
05/12/12, 19:29:24 CEST

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Small update, All most Done with the project... I have a few things that I might do, dunno yet.. The side panel Has been sent out for some work... so stay tune for that, otherwise here are some pics.

Front panel

Everything hooked up in the rig.

Inside shots of the sleeve

Back Side with SSD and HDD mounted
05/12/12, 19:29:37 CEST

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Registered just to comment your beastly looking rig! Looking forward to more photos!
05/16/12, 05:10:24 CEST

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Welcome to the forums!
Not quite as much modding as I'd hope... But that's a good thing! Looks sleek!
05/16/12, 05:21:32 CEST

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Thats a good looking interior, loving how you've kept it colour co-ordinated. With the lights on the front, will you have like a neon-glow affect with the water-cooling? Glow in the dark tubes? Love what you've done with it.

I see the two graphics cards but what is that little thing inbetween the top graphics card and the CPU?
05/18/12, 17:44:46 CEST

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Took 2nd place at the gigabyte esports lan in June 2012. Top 5 cases
07/06/13, 02:50:34 CEST

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